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ChuckAlek Independent Brewers is Ramona’s only source of fresh craft beer, but it’s a great one! And in case you’re wondering, the unusual ChuckAlek name is a tribute to the grandfathers of head brewer Grant Fraley and CEO Marta Jankowska. And how is ChuckAlek beer brewed with the passion of an artist, and the precision of an inventor, in a cool, management style that focuses on craft beer adventure?
I was lucky enough to see for myself. The brewing process begins with fresh grains that are carefully milled, or cracked open just enough to expose the starch that produces sugar, while keeping the outer shell mostly intact. Barley is then placed in a mash tun where the heat of the water determines the dryness or sweetness of the beer, and the wort, or sugary liquid, is then drained through screens and heated in a boil kettle where hops are added for bitterness. The liquid then moves to a cold, fermenting tank where yeast is added to take in the sugar — producing alcohol and gas over a period of two to four weeks, depending on the brewer’s recipe for ale or lager. Conditioning of the beer, and finally, containment in a keg or bottle, ends the process.
This is a simple walk through a complex scientific process that requires knowledge of chemistry and microbiology, and a small laboratory for testing and monitoring. Artistry is in the blend and the flavor, from five core ChuckAlek beers to more than 100 beer recipes. The end result is a UNIQUE, award-winning beer selection — right here in Ramona!
— Heather McGhee
Barley before BeerBeginning of the Brew

Chef Ben's Bites Paired with Craft Beers

With the increasing popularity of craft beers, we now have brewer tastings that are paired with Chef Ben's Bites, designed to provide food that complements the beers flavors for a delightful culinary experience.

Chef Ben's Bites - Peanut Butter Angus Beef Sliders

The first of these pairings was held last month and the upcoming February 18th pairing will again feature Chuck Alek Brewers, located right here in Ramona.  For this occasion, Chef Ben will offer Peanut Butter Angus Beef Sliders for only $2 each.  These delicious sliders also include Applewood Smoked Bacon, Bread n' Butter Pickes and Smoked Cheddar.  Perfect with a handcrafted beer!




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