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Ramona Swim Team – Competitive Swim Team Club
Meet Results
The Blue Group achieved 100% best times in the Freestyle Festival at Poway Community Center on Saturday, September 28.
Representing the 12 and under swimmers, Christian Rowland improved his 100 freestyle time by 5 seconds, and his 50 time by .4 seconds.  Noah Snyder swam the 100 freestyle and bettered his time by 2 seconds, improved his 200 time by 10 seconds.  Vince Thompson improved his 100 freestyle by 3.5 seconds.
The 13 and over swimmers had an excellent day as well.  Trinity Garcia improved her 100 yard freestyle by 4 seconds earning the first B time of the day with a 1:08.71, took 11 seconds off of her 200 time, improved her 50 freestyle by 2 seconds, earning a B time with a 30.59, and swam her first 500 freestyle, completing it in a 7:02.48.  Quintin LaRosa swam the 100 freestyle in a 1:03.20, completed a first time swim in the 200 freestyle with a 2:20.51, and earned a B time in the 50 freestyle with a 26.65.  Bryan Larson swam the 100 freestyle in a 1:05.88, dropping 2 seconds off of his best time, in the 200 freestyle he swam a 2:25.72, in the 50 freestyle, Larson swam a 29.68, and dropped his 500 time by over 30 seconds with a finishing time of a 6:25.9.
Snyder, Garcia, and Larson represented Ramona in the RSD A/B meet on October 12 & 13.
Our younger swimmers (Red Group), had many outstanding time drops from previous best times.  These time drops show the incredible effort and focus our group has had the past month on improving their strokes.
Katie Dusseault             -.5 sec on her 25 Free and -9.0 sec on her 100 Free
Heather Holden            -2.0 sec on her 50 Free and -10.0 sec on her 100 Free
Vivienne Yerkes                        -.5 sec on her 50 Free
Jason Holden                -3.5 sec on his 50 Free and -12.0 sec on his 100 Free
Jimmy Phillips                -3.5 sec on his 50 Free
Nathan Snyder              -12.5 sec on his 100 Free
Nicholas Tempesta        -3.0 sec on his 50 Free and -15.0 sec on his 100 Free
The Ramona Swim Team practices at the San Diego Country Estates Clubhouse Pool during the school year.
For more information on Ramona Swim Team please contact our head coach Joslyn at starfish7212@aol.com or visit our website at www.ramonaswimteam.com
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