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San Vicente Resort at San Diego Country Estates                                San Diego Country Estates Association

Administration Office


Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Executive Assistant Lisa Everett 760-789-3788 x 5000
Director of Financial Operations Juli Elliott 760-789-3788 x 5033
General Manager Darren Shaw 760-789-3788 x 5020
Accounts Receivable/Escrows Tannis Dickson 760-789-3788 x 5030
Web Support Kelly Richardson 760-789-3788 x 5011

Community Relations Department

Community Manager Joshua Jones 760-789-3788 x 5620

Course Maintenance

Golf Course Superintendent Ben McBride 760-789-8290 x 5504

Dining & Entertainment

Food & Beverage Manager Ben Peterson 760-789-8290 x 4020
Catering & Event Planner Joyce Whelehon 760-789-8290 x 4024
Bar & Entertainment Coordinator Colleen Doulgeroupolis 760-789-8290 x 4020
Executive Chef Michael Hitt 760-789-8290 x 2208

Equestrian Department

Equestrian Manager Interim Manager 760-789-8290 x 5502
Equestrian Assistant Amy Kichas 760-315-9154

Facilities Maintenance

Maintenance Supervisor Mitch Hillerman 760-789-3788 x 5503

Golf Course & Pro Shop

PGA Golf Professional Matt Brumbaugh 760-789-8290 x 3020
Tournament Coordinator San Vicente Tournament Coordinator 760-789-8290 x 3010
Pro Shop Counter   760-789-8290 x 3000

Member-Guest Services

Lodge Manager Jennifer Carbone 760-789-8290 x 4024
Member-Guest Services Clerks 760-789-8290 x 4000

Parks & Recreation

Recreation Director Amy Holsapple 760-789-8290 x 5501
Program Coordinators Joanne Rivera 
Liz Albertson

San Vicente Valley News

Valley News Editor Heather McGhee 760-789-8290 x 5010
If you are not sure who to call or would like to correspond via email - please complete the following form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible - usually 24-48 hours. 
Please limit your inquiries to questions about SDCEA HOA or San Vicente Resort services and amenities. Do not send business solicitations.
Thank you!

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