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Equestrian Emergency Evacuation Plan

In the event of an evacuation when you have to remove your horse from the facility, the following is the standard operating procedure in place:

Think Ahead - Plan Ahead - Practice Your Plan

Everyone is responsible for evacuating their own horse out to a safe area. Each corral and barn stall has its owner’s name, email and contact numbers so we can advise them of an emergency and possible need for evacuation. Make sure that you keep these numbers updated with the office. Please choose two people who you know will be around the most, who can contact the other boarders in your section. The Equestrian Manager will also email and make text messages, so please keep your cell phone nearby. When there is an evacuation, please do not rely on email since this emergency procedure may not always be available to everyone.

All boarders and homeowners with horses in their backyard need their own evacuation plan. Where are you going to take your horse? If you do not own a horse trailer, who will be able to assist you to haul your horse? These are questions you will need to plan for in the event of an evacuation.

Register your cell phone now at for notification of wildfires, etc., through Reverse 911.  Keep and Brush Fire Party line via Facebook handy as fast resources to visit in case of a fire or any other emergency situation.

Prepare Ahead to Evacuate
It is recommended to have duct tape and a Sharpie marker in your tack box so you can put tape on your horse’s hoof and write your contact information on it, or put a dog tag put on your horse’s halter, before you evacuate.

If you do not have a trailer or you are waiting for someone to pick you up, the infield area at the IEC can be used for staging purposes. Please do not block any of the entrances and allow others plenty of room. Please do not leave your horse tied to anything by itself.

Communication is recommended on the SDCEA Equestrian CTWC Facebook page. You should become a friend of this now so you can receive vital information as needed.

Here are some sites that can be used as evacuation places. These may vary according to the situation and direction of the fire:

Del Mar Fairgrounds Race Track
2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd. San Diego, 92014        
Telephone: 858-755-1161

Del Mar Horse Park
14550 El Camino Real, Del Mar 92014     
Telephone: 858-794-1171

Lakeside Rodeo Grounds
Hwy 67 & Maple view St., Lakeside 92040             
Telephone: 619-561-4331

Copper Meadows
633 Montecito Way, Ramona 92065        
Telephone: 760-788-7702

Ramona Rodeo Grounds              
421 Aqua Lane, Ramona

Print the Emergency Evacuation Plan for Off-Line Reference